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Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Floors & Laminate Flooring

What is difference between Solid Hardwood, Engineered Wood and Laminate Flooring.

Picking the right kind of floors can be tricky, considering how different the prices are. We love them all just as much, but each kind has its own advantage over another. Sometimes the most expensive floors are not always the best for you depending on the budget, the durability, the aesthetics. To build a warm and loving home, we at Mulan Floor strives to provide the most suitable product tailored to you.

Solid Hardwood Floors ( Price starting at $2.99+ /sq.ft )

Solid Hardwood floors are made from solid, natural wood that is milled from one solid piece of lumber. Depending on the kind of floor you want, you can purchase a variety of wood species. The entire plank is made from wood, it is the only material used in the manufacturing of hardwood floors.

Modern hardwood is typically made with a tongue and groove system for easy installation. Hardwood floor is easy to sand and refinish, and requires a healthy amount of maintenance to keep them looking great. They are easier to damage than the two other floor types discussed here though, so buyer beware. Not only do they dent easier (i.e. if you walk with stilettos or drop a heavy object on the floor you’ll see dents), they cannot be left wet or else they’ll become damaged (the boards will swell and expand). Hardwood flooring is almost always more expensive but no one can argue how gorgeous it looks or feels when you walk on it.

Hardwood is gorgeous and definitely the most preferred. It varies a great deal in price, depending on the wood you choose to use. Generally, hardwood is the most expensive option. Below I have listed the pros and cons.


  • Authentic feel and aesthetics

  • It’s gorgeous and timeless

  • Adds value to your home

  • It can be refinished if it gets nicks or scratches in it, you can sand it down and refinish it

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable


  • Shows wear and tear, easily scratched

  • Has to be refinished to stay looking nice

  • Can get damaged with excessive moisture

  • More expensive than other options

Engineered Hardwood Floors ( Price starting at $1.99+ /sq.ft )